Our elders who worked as a stone craftsman in the construction works started in Ankara in the first years of the Turkish Republic, worked in difficult conditions with the technological opportunities of that day, learned and taught by applying all the virtues of stonework. It is seen that granite maintains its superior properties and functions despite the intervening period of sixty- seventy years. Due to the father’s profession, we are now carrying out the processing and application of granite stone, where we feel the accumulation power of 50 years, in more modern facilities and modern machines.

With 50 years of experienceandgoodreferences in thissector, ourcompanyaimstoserveeveryinch of ourcountry, especially in thestreets of Istanbul, especially in theavenues, streetsandsquaresfor 10 years of non-stop workand is proud of itscontributiontotheflourishing of thiscity.

Ourcompany has come a longway in a short time andcontinuesto do. Turkey’salloverandwasabletoopenuptoothercountries, andcontinuestoserve.

Ourgoal is tomaintainourposition in thefirstplace in ourcountry in granite productionandtogofurther. Ourfactory has beenestablished in a verylargearea in İzmir Bergama OrganizedIndustrialZoneandourproductioncapacity is 1000 m2 perday. Ourgoal is totake it evenhigher. Totallywehavefivequarries, 3 in İzmir Kozak,and2 in Çanakkale Ezine.

One of ourgoals is tomeetthedemands of ourcountryandtheworldbytakingpart in manykinds of granite; ourothergoal is toimportdifferentcolors, especiallyblack granite andred granite, whichare not available in ourcountry, toprocessthem in ourfactoryandto market them.


Westriveto 50 years of savingandstrongexperience in Turkeyandwillcontinuetowork.


Sincerely, CM Granite…

Usage areas;

Granite, burned to desired sizes, polished and raw flooring, building facade cladding, scrub and rain gutter, cube stone is used in the construction industry and in many places.

The World renowned and well-known Bergama, gray granite stone is widely used in many sectors.

Granites extracted as blocks are used in the construction of monuments, monuments and tombstones, foundation blocks as pillars and step stones in buildings, and as paving stones and paving stones on roads.

About Granite;

It is resistant to abrasion, pressure, impact, beautiful color and  accepts good polish.It has high resistance to atmospheric influences and decomposition.Although granite stones have passed over the years, they never compromise the texture and color of the stones. does not contain degradation  properties.Granite is the most preferred natural stone with its strength and appearance features.

Since it is a natural stone of magmatic origin, it makes itself quite attractive with its aesthetic structure and wide range of varieties.